How to self water indoor plants while on vacation

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House plants can be so finicky. But there are ways you can keep your plants alive without having to assume your friends will do the work for you. The plant experts at both of these companies are always giving out the best advice to keep your houseplants and bouquets happy and healthy for longer than you ever imagined. According to The Spruce , succulents like aloe vera and jade, or plants like pothos, lucky bamboo, and Chinese evergreen are also great options. Hewitt also suggested purchasing an automatic watering system.

  • Ways to Water Plants While on Vacation
  • How to water weed plants while on vacation?
  • How to keep your plants alive while you're on vacation
  • How To Keep Indoor Plants Watered While On Vacation
  • Quick Tip: This Simple Trick Helps Plants Water Themselves
  • How To Keep Plants Alive When You’re On Vacation
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Ways to Water Plants While on Vacation

Winter has come and gone and now that sunny holiday destination beckons. What about your plants, though? You can have your getaway and have your plants thriving at the same time. Photo Credit: Getty Images. Photo Credit: Pexels. Green Living. May 11, Doug Murray. Show them where all your plants are and how much water and sunlight each one needs. Of course, also make sure that you have a responsible, reputable house-sitter in the first place.

Hire a Gardening Service.They can take care of the plants in your garden, mow the lawn and do whatever else it takes to keep your plants in tip-top shape. A good gardening service will be able to identify problems and troubleshoot them. Choose Hardy Plants.

Some plants are more forgiving of neglect than others. Put a Timer on Your Irrigation System. You can then set the timers so that the garden gets watered automatically at certain times. Early in the morning or after sunset are best, since this will reduce evaporation. Whether you have a drip irrigation system in your garden or use sprinklers, you can have timers attached to them.

Then attach a soaker hose to it and run this hose through your garden so that the water slowly seeps out into the soil. Remove any dead or dying leaves.

You may also want to remove buds and flowers, since these need more maintenance. Before you go away, give your plants a good pruning. Hold Off on the Feeding. Giving your plants fertilizer will help them grow. Nip Pests in the Bud. So, check all your plants for signs of pests and take action to resolve the issue before you go away. Apply Mulch. The right mulch can even help deter certain pests and prevent weeds from growing.

Give the soil around your plants a good soaking and then apply mulch to keep the soil moist. This should keep your plants going for a week or so. Applying mulch is a great way to conserve water, since it locks in moisture and reduces evaporation.

Move Your Tropical Plants Together. If you move them closer together, this will help retain moisture and warmth. Most tropical plants need sufficient humidity to thrive. Move Your Plants to Better Spots. Move your plants away from these spots to more protected areas in your home. In the garden, move plants in containers to a spot where they will receive water from the sprinklers. Heat vents, drafty windows and sunny spots can contribute to the soil drying out.

Put out Trays of Water.You can even fill them with pebbles, then add water and put potted plants on top, so that the plants can get enough hydration without being overwatered. Trays of water throughout your home will help raise moisture levels and prevent your plants from drying out.

Keep the Indoors Warm. Keep things warm enough for them by strategically opening blinds or drapes to let the sunshine in and warm your home. Very few indoor plants like low temperatures. Create a Temporary Greenhouse. Water the plant; then tie a clear plastic bag over the plant and its container. You may need to use sticks as support to prevent the plastic from touching the leaves.

Blow some air into the bag to make it balloon around the plant. Moisture rising from the soil and plant itself will condense against the plastic and drip back onto the plant, watering it all over again. Keep the Light Low. To do this, move them a little further away from light sources like windows. When plants receive lots of light, they photosynthesize faster and need more water.

Use the Sink or Bathtub. Now place your potted plants on top of the towel. The soil will draw up the water to where the plant roots can absorb it. Be careful of doing this with plants that are prone to root rot, though.

Fill the sink or bathtub with a few centimetres of water and then place a towel inside. Shade Your Plants. The solution is to give them some shade. Otherwise, old bedsheets will do the trick. If you have a shaded deck, move plants in containers to this spot. Use Watering Globes. Before you leave, simply water your plants, fill the watering globes with water and put them into your plant containers.

The water from the globe will slowly drip into the container. You can get watering globes at most gardening centres. Watering globes are gadgets that will do the watering for you. Make tiny holes near the bottom of the bottle. Then press the bottle lightly into the soil.Just before you leave, water the soil and fill the bottle with water too. The water will slowly seep out and keep the soil moist. An alternative is to fill an old wine bottle with water and press it upside down into the soil next to the plant.

Use Water-Wicking. Press one end of the rope into the soil next to the plant and let the other end hang down into the bucket, touching the bottom. The rope will soak the wick with water from the bucket and into your plant container.

For water-wicking, you need a bucket of water and a length of cotton rope. Gardening Green Living msn feed Outdoors Plants. Up Next. You Might Also Like.

How to water weed plants while on vacation?

I recently returned from an 8 day trip while leaving my babies at home, unattended. Trim foliage of mature plants the day before leaving so they will require less water during your absence. Use a hydrogen peroxide mixture to kill any potential fungus gnat eggs lurking beneath the soil. Place gallon jugs of distilled water around the plants. You can also fill up empty gallon jugs with tap water. Cut long pieces of natural twine to put inside the jug with just a few inches remaining outside.

If indoor plants are involved, be sure it is someone you know and can also be used to aid in watering containers while you are away.

How to keep your plants alive while you're on vacation

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission at no extra cost to you so we can continue to create helpful free content. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on Amazon in addition to other retailers featured on the blog. Thank you, we appreciate your support! Hi fellow travelers! How do you keep your plants alive while vacationing? Luckily, TFG readers have you covered. Check out their recommendations for how to water indoor plants while on vacation, so that you can enjoy a stress free trip! Welcome to fuss-free plant care!

How To Keep Indoor Plants Watered While On Vacation

Use these simple methods to keep your plants watered while away on long trips and vacation! Vacation watering methods can be easier than you think. I am going away on vacation for 4 long weeks and have both house plants that need to be watered, and outdoor plants that need to be watered to stay alive. Lucky for me, there are lots of methods to help water plants while on vacation. Indoor plants typically have a different set of needs to be kept alive and thriving than their outdoor counterparts.

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Quick Tip: This Simple Trick Helps Plants Water Themselves

But when going on a vacation or business trip, it becomes a dilemma—how will the plants survive? Especially without watering! However, any bottle with a small mouth will also work just fine. NOTE: If the water does not drain, take the bottle and glue a screen over the mouth. This DIY bottle drip system is a cheap and effective alternative to glass watering globes and other such systems and is one of the best ideas for garden plants when it comes to how to water plants while away.

How To Keep Plants Alive When You’re On Vacation

Give your plants a bath Fill up your sink or bathtub with a few inches of water and lay a towel inside to protect against scratches. Rest your potted plants in the sink and leave them while you're gone. The soil will draw water up to the roots, keeping the plant hydrated for up to one week. Before you head off for vacation, give your plants a good shower—literally. Use self-watering planters. Or self-watering bulbs. Move plants to a shady area.

Opt for self-watering options For pots or window boxes you can't group together, try watering globes, which are glass balls filled with water.

This story first appeared on Food52 , an online community that gives you everything you need for a happier kitchen and home — that means tested recipes, a shop full of beautiful products, a cooking hotline, and everything in between! Keeping your plants alive when you go on vacation is almost as stressful as packing for said vacation. How many pairs of shoes do I need? Do I need something fancy?

Move your plants out of direct sunlight. Place them close together — this will provide shade and retain moisture. If your plants are in flowerpots, you can also put damp newspaper or a wet oasis in the bottom. Then the plant can suck up the water when it needs it. Not gotten around to recycling your bottles yet? Wine bottles, beer bottles, and plastic bottles make great self-irrigation systems.

Monday July 12, Tags: watering foliage plants tropical care succulent care succulents trip holiday vacation plant care houseplants houseplantsIf you are a new plant parent experiencing separation anxiety--have no fear!

They leave everything behind and join tens of thousands of others who bask on the beach every year while their friends shiver in the cold back home. But what about houseplants? Three to six months without being watered would enough to kill almost any non-succulent plant. In fact, only two weeks without watering would leave most of them dead. For this technique to work, your plants must be well watered, yet not sitting in soggy soil, because if the potting mix is too moist, that could lead to root rot.

People upset over leaving behind their pets and old ones in the family is usual but when plant lovers are reluctant to go on vacation much needed because they don't want to leave their plants unattended, it is a serene feeling. Today we have come to the rescue of all these nature lovers who just can't leave their hearts behind them without knowing their good.Flowers and plants not just require water, sunlight and food to survive but they also need human love and touch. We may not know this but scientifically it has been proven that if we talk good to our plants it impacts our mental health in a very positive way and so helps the plant to bloom at an exponential rate as well.


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